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Family First


What is Family FIrst?

Family First is a Free Christ-centered parenting class hosted by the church that focuses on family restoration and preservation. It serves parents who are at-risk for having their children removed from their homes and placed into foster care, and parents who have lost custody of their children and are working toward reunification. There are three, two hour long, classes that parents participate in with the option of being matched with family advocates from within the Church. The family advocate walks alongside of the parent during this journey.

What does it look like?

Every class starts with family style dinner then meets for the lesson. Childcare is provided for each class and the children are taught a biblical lesson. Transportation may be available if needed. Please mention your need for childcare and/or transportation when registering.   Upon completion of the program participants receive a certificate to present to the team.

What is taught in the class?

Class 1 

God’s Design for Your Family • Adding to the Toolbox • Creating a budget • Preparing for interviews and court appearances 

Class 2 

Child development • Discipline

 Class 3

Families of Origin/Breaking Generational Cycles • Your Family Can be Restored • Graduation

How do I sign up?

Contact your caseworker or email FamilyFirstProgram@gmail.com

How can i get involved in this ministry?

There are many areas to serve including assisting with preparing meals for the class, working in the kids area, being a family advocate, and even hosting the program at your home church. Contact FamilyFIrstProgram@gmail.com to learn more.