We Believe


The vision of our church is based out of Galations 5:13, we are called to see people SAVED, SET FREE and SERVING OTHERS.  It's our mission and desire to be a church outside the walls, serving our local communities whenever possible!


We believe that Jesus gave His life on the cross for our sins because we could not break free on our own power.  Because of that gift of salvation, we can have a personal and real relationship with our Heavenly Father.  This gift of salvation does not give us freedom to continue in our sin, but makes a way of FREEDOM from our sins!  Jesus loves you so much that know matter how big or bad you think your sins are, the victory on the Cross broke that sin for good!  If you would like to accept Christ into your heart, click here!  We'd love to hear about your experience!!


To find out more about what Servants Church believes, feel free to check out www.ag.org.  For further questions you may have, feel free to contact the church any time.